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Since most of the included studies on sporting injury focused on concussion, the main discussion was based on concussion evidence, a topic which requires future research. Because OSH is a relative alien term in the sport literature the core purpose of this narrative review is to bridge the gap between the academic fields of OSH and sport.

Existing injury prevention programmes focus more on techniques rather than consistently raising awareness. From an OSH perspective, risk communication practices should be improved in the sport context by establishing a proactive injury prevention culture, identifying clear-cut responsibilities between athletes and staff. Arguably the development of an instrument or research toolkit linked to a conceptual framework is required to elicit the identification of the principal factors that could influence elite athletes from reaching appropriate levels of OSH awareness.

Subsequently, OSH or welfare remedial programmes could be devised with the intention of improving awareness, enhancing involvement, increasing reporting and developing a safer sporting environment overall for the long-term wellbeing of athletes during and post-elite career. Lamont R.

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Joseph Hamill. Danielle Monteiro ATC. J Drug Educ. Sport Total injury rate 1 Rate of time-loss injuries 2 Football Men 85 44 29 60 Women 74 44 24 64 Handball Men 89 64 40 23 57 Women 36 18 53 Basketball Men 64 40 89 29 12 45 Womenv 67 42 91 24 9 39 Field hockey Men 55 37 72 24 12 36 Women 17 5 29 4 0 10 Baseball men 29 15 43 13 3. Lately, however, his shoulder and Achilles. Sye et al.

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