Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot

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The authors are not content to say that Jan.

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The authors combat that by packing in as much volatile language as possible. An elephantine First Libido is something that the men writing this book seem to admire, though they do show some restraint. The book also offers thumbnail accounts of the Cuban missile crisis, the civil rights movement and the escalating Vietnam War. But sneakily dramatic?

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At one party, the president is said to gaze flirtatiously at a young woman half his age, who wears a coy smile and a dress with a plunging neckline. In their endless search for convenient contrasts, the authors come up with this:. There is no way she can be shot dead.

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Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot (Bill O'Reilly's Killing Series) Paperback – May 10, A riveting historical narrative of the shocking events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency (Bill O'Reilly's. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The author weaves a coherent and intriguing narrative that is enlivened in this audio edition. While O'Reilly's work on television .

The same cannot be said of the president. I loved how he tried to pin the Vietnam War on Kennedy rather than Eisenhower. I also was amused at his supposed inside knowledge of how people were thinking.

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My favorite was when he stated that Oswald beat his wife, but she was okay with that because she preferred being beaten to being ignored. Thought no woman. He also stated that Oswald admired Kennedy, but he shot him because his wife broke up with him. How do you know that Bill? That makes no sense at all. This book does have some interesting pictures and maps, though, and it's a good reminder that bad history is still being pumped out.

A sad and controversial time in American history. However, it's politics. Intrigue, back room deals, power trips, women and affairs, the list goes on.

What was reinforced was what a sex addict JFK was, his physical ailments, and the set up for political dynasty of their family. Then you look at all the major world and military trials he had to deal with. Not a lot of juicy conspiracy theories. Sep 23, Christina rated it it was amazing. This was a good book, had trouble putting it down!!!! Of I am sure that everyone thinks read one book about President Kennedy you have read them all. I did not feel that that was the case for me with this book.

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I learned a lot about Kennedy and the beautiful Jackie. Of course in history class we learned about Kennedy and the day his life was taken, but we didn't learn so much about Oswald. This book had great insight into him and the way he thought all those years ago. My LOVE for Kennedy stems from seeing the famous quote from his inaugural address on the wall of the history room for my four high school years. Seeing his grave and the Eternal flame was what made me realize that history is being made every day even if we aren't ready for it.

Dec 04, Shelby rated it it was amazing. I did a lot more than what I already knew before. I have never read any Bill O'Reilly books before. K was not sure what to except. I loved everything about this book. I guess it is because it is a history book and I like to learn from these kind of books. I loved the writing and all the information that Bill O'Reilly gives through out the story from the beginning to the end. I would definitely read this book again.

I would recommend this book to anyone 5 Stars First off this book is really good. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read any history books or just wants to learn more about JFK. Oct 05, Terri rated it really liked it Shelves: highly-recommended. There is something about major disasters that elevates them in the minds of most people.

We understand them on a grand scale as national or world tragedies, but we seldom think of the countless personal heartbreaks they entail.

I was a child during the campaign of , but I vaguely recall hearing adults in my small, Protestant hometown worry over what would happen if a Catholic were elected President. I There is something about major disasters that elevates them in the minds of most people. It was a time when children were protected from some of the more harsh aspects of life would that it were still so!

I remember watching the funeral procession and seeing John, Jr. Yes, these are real memories, not just recollections of news footage I've viewed as an adult. They made lasting impressions on me, but they grew from my own loss and shock, not from empathy for those involved. Perhaps it's surprising that I never read any of the numerous Kennedy biographies that followed his death or any of the lurid debunking biographies that sought to reveal the dirt under the shining surface of Camelot.

Perhaps I wanted to retain a bit of that simpler time when everyone, even the President of the United States, could have a private life beyond the public persona. I am no ostrich with my head in the sand I was aware of the stories of Kennedy's many indiscretions and affairs but had no desire to wallow in the details.

When both my sisters finished and recommended the book, I decided to try it, and I am so glad I did. Others have complained that there is little or nothing new here, and that may well be true, but for those like me who have avoided the subject, the story is presented in a highly readable narrative that neither wallows in Kennedy's infidelity and failures nor puts him on a pedestal. Rather, O'Reilly and Dugard present a young man who was groomed for a life very different from the one Fate had in store, a bright idealist who grew through misfortune, doubt and pain to become a leader of great promise.


Simultaneously, they share glimpses and insights into other key players in the tragedy, including Lee Harvey Oswald, Jackie Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and many more. The personal stories and details make the assassination more than a historical event, more than an American nightmare, but a personal tragedy for all those involved. Dec 06, Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-club-pick.

This is my second read of this book. This book is absolutely amazing. I've listened to and read other accounts of this event, but I was only seven 7 years old in second grade when this happened. I've never heard a better work and heard something more passionate and more accurate. I really have a lot of respect for Bill O'Reilly. He did a masterful job of writing and narrating this. I can't believe how so much information was gathered to make this book come together. It was a marriage of appear This is my second read of this book.

It was a marriage of appearance in a lot of ways, but I feel that they actually came to love each other. She put put with a lot that I could not have done. I have such new respect for Jacque. What a difficult marriage they had, and she had to put up with his sexual rendezvous. But you knew they loved each other and their children. To have lost three children which I didn't know and have the strength to see them through their last moments.

They sent us home from school early that day and my Mom was walking to meet me with tears flowing from her eyes and she tried to explain to me what happened, even though they told us at school. I was seven years old when Kennedy died, but I'm learning so much about his personal life, his family, his work, his habits and stuff that I've never heard. What an awesome regal woman Jacque is.

She put up with an unusual husband that not all of us could have handled. Her smoking eventually killed her, after marrying Aristotle Onassis, she became Jacque O. Caroline and her brother John Kennedy Jr. John was killed in an Airplane accident. Caroline lives a fairly private life, married and had three children. Jan 03, Shavon rated it really liked it Shelves: history. The story reads like a movie. The way O'Reilly switches back and forth from the glorious Kennedy to the pathetic Oswald with objectivity makes Killing Kennedy seem like as accurate an account as we who were not born at the time can hope to have - devoid of the hero-worship spin put on Kennedy by other so-called reporters who come off as little more than fans rather than as historians.

In this book, Kennedy was at once flawed and impressive - in other words, he was human. And the troubled Oswald The story reads like a movie. And the troubled Oswald is not unlike these troubled adults who shoot children in Connecticut schools nowadays. If only we learned something from him and others since him I was already familiar with the facts surrounding Kennedy's horrendous murder, but I must say that I FELT it for the first time reading this book.

I have no idea how Mrs. Kennedy ever slept another night in her life after experiencing what she experienced that day in Dallas with the love of her life. One point of criticism - the first person, present tense was sometimes awkward since this was not an autobiography, but overall very good read.

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, A Book Review

Jun 08, Karen Malena rated it it was amazing. This book was a slice of history for me! I've always loved all things "Kennedy" but this was like a trip to places I've never been and events I never saw before.

What a great book, so much knowledge by Mr. I recommend it to history buffs or general JFK fans! Oct 03, Neil Mudde rated it it was ok. Having read most of what has been written about the assasination, including the complete Warren Report, this makes for an interesting read, very much a. Mar 19, W.