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The Ninth Symphony has one passage calling for triangle, cymbals, and bass drum , a combination identified with the imitations of Turkish Janissary music in vogue in previous years. The Romantic era was characterized by great strides in the art of instrumentation, and, in fact, the use of instrumental colour became one of the most salient features of this music.

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The piano really came into its own as a source of interesting sonorities; the orchestra expanded in size and scope; new instruments were added; and old instruments were improved and made more versatile. The Romantic period saw the appearance of the first textbook on the subject of orchestration.

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This course will develop students' proactivity, self-expression, accompanying, and composition skills, and group and project work skills. This was attained by a return to a severe and truthful mode of musical declamation, by clothing the several stage characters with distinctive individuality, and by instilling into his music-dramas in their entirety, reflection, simplicity, sincerity, pathos, nobility. Even though the bulk of the figured bass accompaniment was assigned to the harpsichord, " Euridice " called into requisition one viol, three flutes, and a triplet of instruments of the lute variety. Symphony 8: Restricting the horns to octaves on the longer notes keeps the harmony transparent. Coerne has filled a want in English musical literature. But of far greater importance was the difference of tone-quality.

Berlioz was one of the most individual orchestrators in the history of music, and his Symphonie fantastique is one of the most remarkable pieces of music to come out of this era. Berlioz made use of colour to depict or suggest events in his music, which was frequently programmatic in character.

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He called on large forces to express his musical ideas, an idea that persisted throughout the 19th century and into the 20th. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback.

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Thank you for your feedback. Introduction Types of instrumentation String techniques Wind techniques Muting Percussion instrumentation Keyboard instrumentation Electronic instrumentation Vocal instrumentation The development of Western instrumentation The Baroque period The Classical period The Romantic period Post-Romanticism in the 20th century and beyond Non-Western instrumentation Arrangement and transcription.

Load Previous Page. The Classical period The Classical era, which covers roughly the second half of the 18th century, is one of the most significant periods in the development of orchestration.

Midi Orchestration Advice (for a noobie)?

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Designing the Ensemble

Alan Belkin, composer. Artistic Orchestration. This is the third volume in my series of online books on musical technique. The others cover Form, Counterpoint. Orchestration. Presentation. This is the third volume in my series of online books on musical technique. The others cover Counterpoint, and Harmony. All are.